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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Montessori Three Period Lesson: Period 2 with Prearethisswaran

Montessori Three Period Lesson
Second Period - Recognition and Association
• rearrange the objects and ask the child to show you a specific object
• "Please show me the snake."
• "Can you place the bird in my hand."
• point to spot on the table - "Please put the dog here."
• "Put the bird on the basket."
• "Hold the dog in your hand."
• ask the child to close their eyes while you move the objects around, then continue
This period is much longer than the first to extend the handling and movement of the objects. This handling and movement increases the kinesthetic memory and will solidify a child's recognition of the object's name. There are many variations to the Second Period that can be used to hold a child's interest. The movement will make the lesson more attractive and help the child be successful; so be creative!!

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